Ashleys Journey



Scene 1 [Sin and Consequences]


Create the effect of a small room with a small table with a bible, one chair, and a door.


Ashley is a street wise girl, a tough and rebellious run away sent to Grace Ranch Girl’s Home by parents who don’t know what else to do.


Brenda is a counselor assigned to help Ashley transition into life at Grace.


Brenda: Well Ashley, this will be your room while you’re at Grace Ranch. I know it isn’t much and may seem a little like a prison cell but it’s not. You won’t be locked in but it still isn’t worth trying to run. There is still staff awake here all the time and they do bed checks regularly. Oh yeah, and the nearest town… well, of course you would of noticed that we’re in the middle of nowhere. Anyway,  anyone that might pick you up on the road would just bring you back here.


Ashley: whatever…are you done yet!


Brenda: Um, I have to go over a few of the Big rules. You’ll be responsible for reading the rest here in the handbook.

[Takes a deep breath] Ok

 When the fire alarm goes off, you MUST immediately leave the building. Do not wait to see if it is a false alarm!

 Do not enter anyone else’s room other than your own.

 No hitting, kicking, pulling hair, punching, pinching, slapping, fighting, etc.

 No body piercing this does include nose piercing. (Ear rings are permitted, but only studs)

 You must receive permission to enter the kitchen, to go to your bedroom, or the bathroom.

 Do not go outside of the house without permission.

 Do not use the phone without permission.

 No cursing, off color jokes, or sexually oriented conversations.

 Anyone who talks about running away will be placed on Level 0, and will be required to sleep in the dining room under direct supervision.
And anyone who talks of or injures herself will be required to sleep in the dining room under direct staff supervision. That’s like, no private toilet privileges or anything, so don‘t cut.

Oh yeah,

Do assigned “house chores” promptly and satisfactorily. Assigned chores for the most part should take a minimum of 20 minutes to be done properly.
I’ll let you know tomorrow what chores you’ll have.


Any Questions? [hands the handbook to Ashley]


Ashley:  I can’t believe this - All these stupid  rules! I can’t believe my idiot parents did this to me. It’s not right!


Brenda: Uh, you know, it will be a lot easier here if you don’t blame other people for being here.

I don’t know what you were into, drugs, sex, alcohol, whatever… But you could of ended up in a lot worse places than here.


Ashley: Whatever… just leave me alone.


Brenda: Ok, good night. [leaves and close the door]


[Ashley looks around the room, notices the uniform and throws the handbook at it before sinking into her bed as the lights fade.]



Scene 2 [Change, Molding, Making]

[Brenda is sitting at a table with a tray of food and Ashley walks up.]


Ashley: May I sit here?


Brenda: I thought you weren’t talking to me anymore.


Ashley: Yeah, I was pretty mad at you for turning me in. Cutting makes me feel better.

[Long silence - Ashley fidgets] I have heard some stories and I’ve been thinking…


Brenda: What kind of stories?


Ashley: When I first got here I just that you were another religious freak that worked here. And, well, then I heard some other girls talking and found out you lived here before.


Brenda: Yeah, I graduated just about a year ago.


Ashley: So? …What happened?


Brenda: I got tired of it. Tired of running. Tired of fighting. I started listening to what I was being taught. I don’t know how many times I heard about how God could make me a new person, how I just had to trust him… whenever they started talking I thought about something else. But once I listened, then something came over me and I believed it and my life began to change. When I did my own thing it started bothering me so I would pray about it  and after awhile it was easier to do the right thing.


Ashley: Is that what they mean by molding?


Brenda: yeah, I guess so. It’s not always easy though.


Ashley: Um so like, what would I have to do?


Brenda: Admit you’re wrong.


Ashley: That’s it?


Brenda: That where it starts. We have all sinned and need to confess that. Then it I just a matter of trusting God to save us from it. Um, I can explain it better if I read some verses from the Bible. If you want to…


Ashley: yeah, yeah please.


Brenda: Ok, There all in the book of Romans [lights and voices fade] The first is Romans 3:23



 Scene 3 [ready to serve]

Ashley has graduated from Grace Ranch and is getting ready to go back and serve as a mentor.

Tom is having lunch and reminiscing with Ashley before she leaves.


Scene opens with waiter / waitress confirming their order.


Waiter: Ok,  I’ll be right back with your drinks.


Tom: So, you nervous about going back to Grace?


Ashley: O yeah. It’s funny really, like, I hated being there at first and then I was nervous about coming back home after I graduated.


Tom: [chuckles] That was the first time I had ever seen you act shy.


Ashley: [smiling] and you just had to help by teasing me?


Tom: What can I say, I had to take advantage of a vulnerability to get even. But hey, you made it through all the stares and questions.


Ashley: You did help me through all that…


Tom: Well, it’s not often that someone you’ve lost comes back [dramatic pause] and now you’re leaving again…


Ashley: My heart’ll be here.


Tom: I know, and we’ll keep in touch.


[Ashley’s attention has drifted off - appears to be thinking deeply about something]


Tom: What are you thinking about?


Ashley: well, um [sigh]I just hope I can be as patient as Brenda was with me.


Tom: You’ll do fine. I saw how you worked with the kids during the summer.


Ashley: None of them were as hard as the girls at Grace.


Tom: No, I suppose not but at least you’ve walked in their shoes.


Ashley: [Smiling] what do you think I’m worried about?


Tom: I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but, God will give you the strength and the words to say. And I’ll be praying for you.


Ashley: I’m gonna need it.


Tom: Well, lot’s of others will be praying for you too


Waiter: Heres your drinks, a _____ for the lady and a _____ for you. Those burgers should be done in a few minutes.


Ashley:  thanks

Tom:     Thank you.

[Lights out]


Scene 4 [Making a difference, rewards]

The scene opens with Ashley and Tom sipping drinks at the same table.


Ashley: I talked  to Brenda yesterday. She’s been working at a crisis pregnancy center for about a week now. And she was so excited  yesterday she was like, bubbly. I mean, as long as I’ve known her she was always happy, I’ve just never heard her quite like that.


She like, talked to this girl about everything she went through and how she felt after she had an abortion. And I didn’t even know she had… So after she shared that stuff with her she was able to talk her into getting an ultrasound. So by the time the girl left she had decided that no matter what, she wasn’t going to get an abortion.


Tom: Wow, I would be excited too. Taking a painful experience and being able to use it to make a difference in someone else’s life.


Ashley: Yeah, I guess that I’ll sort of be doing that at Grace.


Tom: What do you mean? Sort of.


Ashley:  Well, it’s not like saving the life of a baby.


Tom: Every one of those girls is somebody’s baby. And, the road many of them are on could certainly get them killed.


Ashley: I never thought of it like that… Brenda said most of the time the work is just hard and sometimes disappointing but  the few rewards are worth it.


Tom: It sounds to me like she called you not just to share her news but also to encourage you.


Ashley: You’re probably right and she did.

[Waiter enters with a tray of food]

Waiter: Here ya go, one almost rare burger for you and one almost burnt for you.


Tom:     Thank you.

Ashley:  thanks


Waiter: Anything else I can get you?


Ashley: no

Tom: No thanks.


Waiter: All right, enjoy your meal.


[Tom reaches over and holds Ashley’s hands and bows his head to pray.]

Tom: Father

[the lights slowly fade to black as Tom prays.]

Tom: Thank you so much for this time we have been able to spend together. Thank you for the work you have done in both our lives. I ask that you would give Ashley the strength and wisdom she needs for this next stage of her journey. And if you don’t mind, I would really appreciate it if you would bring her back to me. [slight pause] O and thanks for the food.



When this was done by our youth group they procedded the firsat three scenes with custom made music videos featuring the characters that gave some clues to the characters history prior to the scene.


For example: Prior to the first scene they made a video that showed Ashey at a party where she was arrested. The Scene 2 video showed her stealing scisors and cutting.


These music videos enhanced the performance by giving the audince more insight into the characters life and prepared the audince for the drama.



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