Main Characters:

            Mocker sits at the crossroads where many cross his path and attempt to engage him in their causes. He, as the name implies mocks them with much disinterest. He is self-absorbed but does understand part of the truth that “Much dreaming and many words are meaningless.”  But, he stands in awe of no one.


            Seeker spends his life in a search for truth but in essence only ever finds knowledge. He asks many questions to the point of annoyance.


            Challenger stands firm in the truth and attempts to kindly spur those he contacts to accept the truth. He gently challenges their “world view”.



            Ideally, there should be a dozen or more extras carrying picket signs advocating various causes. Some “extras” are required and will hold brief confrontations with the main characters.


Mocker enters and takes a seat center stage and immediately becomes absorbed in activity. Reading, Game Boy, music, etcetera


Extras enter silently milling about the stage but miming loud or heated exchanges with each other.


Seeker enters and asks questions of various Extras.

















            Hi, my name is seeker. What’s yours?

Mocker: [criptically] Seek and you will find.


Seeker: Uh, Ok. [sits down making him self comfy] So Why you sitting out here at this cross roads?          


Mocker: I like the ambience. [sarcastic]  Why don’t you join me.


Seeker: [cheerfully] Thanks, so what is your cause?


Mocker: Didn’t know I needed one.


Seeker: Well, everyone should have one, but I am still searching. I guess you could say my cause is the search for the truth. There are just so many out there and they all seem so good. But everyone seems so caught up in his or her cause that they don’t see every other good cause there is.


Mocker: [getting annoyed]


Seeker: I kind of feel sorry for them but it is kind of nice sitting here with you contemplating the knowledge I’ve gathered.


Mocker: I’m starting to feel sorry for myself. I think you need to do some more seeking. [Pulls out a tootsie pop] Why don’t you find out how many licks it takes to get the tootsie at the center?


Seeker: Oh, Thanks, [takes a  few lick] This could take awhile. [stands up] Thanks again, I’ll be back.


Mocker: No need to rush.


[Mocker starts to meditate]


[Extra with whale saving cause interrupts]

Extra: Hey man, help us save the whales.


Mocker: [mysteriously] I’m busy.


Extra: [intensely] This is important!


[Mocker continues the meditation pose but begins imitating whale song]


[Extra acts confused and a little nervous….]


Mocker: [sincerely] The whales say “Don’t worry, be happy. We can take care of ourselves”


Extra: [shaken] um, uh you, you sure?


Mocker: [sarcastically] Ever heard of Moby Dick? Jonah?


[Extra backs away and fades into the background.]
















Challenger: [approaches Mocker] Excuse me, why are you just sitting here at these crossroads.


Mocker: One place is as good as another.


Challenger: Well it is good to be content but do you have a purpose?


Mocker: [cryptically] Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. I eat, drink and have fun.


Challenger: That is true. But don’t you want something more?


Mocker: [seriously] Sometimes.


[Fade to black.]


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