Summary of Qualifications


C#  VB.Net    C / C++    PHP HTML & JavaScript     VB6   X86 Assembly  Lex & Yacc

- Familiar with all Windows desktop operating systems and Linux.

- Developed ladder logic automation and monitoring programs for various feed mill operations.

- Designed and developed flexible Microsoft.Net user interfaces to interface with the PLC programs.

- Created a new website to allow web based access to customer reports and in house service reports.

- Developed DOS and Linux based configuration and test utilities.

- Expanded Win32 application including new classes.

- Designed and maintained Access and MySQL Databases in a network environment.

- Designed and developed a VB application to collect test data and manage that data in an Access and MySQL databases and create web-based reports.

Hardware and Software Testing

- Tested and debugged PLC and HMI programs and their interaction with the machinery. Analyzed PC Audio hardware and software components using Microsoft's Audio Compatibility Tests and an Audio Analyzer

- Tested new PC system designs with Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility tests and a battery of other third party and in house tests.

Technical Support

- Assisted customers and end users with software and hardware installation problems remotely and on site.


Professional Experience

HP via Insight Global. Fort Collins, Colorado 2011 - Present

Software Engineer in Test

    • Designed and developed tools, tests and the automation framework to support a client server product that required PC server side REST testing and automated tests for iOS and Android devices. Designed and developed white box tests using JavaScript and the WebOS Enyo framework to provide timely feedback on services ported to Microsoft Windows. Wrote BASH shell scripts using the Cygwin environment and PowerShell to implement an automated minimal acceptance tests to provide quick web based viewing of new build test results. Ported Linux test services written in C to work in Cygwin. Debugged and fixed issues in the Java based tests and test framework. Provided direction, assistance and documentation to local and global team members. Enjoyed working in an Agile team providing daily status and contributing in meetings to plan and strategize.

RealDreams Sole Proprietor . Eaton, Colorado 2010 - Present

Web Developer

    • Designed, developed and tested and using HTML, PHP and JavaScript to send both simple and Flash animated electronic greeting cards. The web site was created to be simple for users and smart enough to allow the artist to upload new cards into the appropriate categories and be automatically recognized by the code.

Lextron Inc. Greeley, Colorado 2007 - 2010

Controls Developer

    • Developed various PLC control and automation programs as well as Windows .Net user interfaces.
    • Created many system tests from raw bug research data.
    • Designed, developed and tested tools to increase our ability to efficiently debug, analyze and solve system errors.
    • Provided installation and operation support both in the field and remotely.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Longmont, Colorado 1998 - 2006

Formerly National Semiconductor

Formerly Cyrix

Silicon Tools Software Engineer 2003 -2006

    • Promoted to reflect the type of work I had been doing for the last four years.
    • Created many system tests from raw bug research data.
    • Maintained twelve years worth of system level tests.
    • Developed new applications to test specific system functions such as USB, SATA and PCIx.
    • Discovered and debugged system bugs using a combination of software and hardware solutions. (Logic Analyzer, FS2, Codeview)

Silicon Validation Technician 1998 - 2003

    • Designed and developed a Visual Basic 6 program to manage and control lab automation and data collection.
    • Collaborated with validation team members to refine the test lab automation and data management systems. (software and database design)
    • Developed DOS based tools in C and X86 Assembly to test and configure hardware.
    • Added a logic analyzer module to a Win32 app using Visual C++.
    • Teamed with three others to convert the Visual Basic lab software solution to a web based system using a combination of PHP and Java Script.
    • Created test plans and training documents.

Sykes Greeley, Colorado 1997 - 1998

Technical Support Agent

    • Provided phone support to SyQuest removable drive users.

StarTek Greeley, Colorado 1994 - 1997

Technical Support Agent

    • Helped Hewlett Packard customers with printer and tape drive problems
    • Trained Technical Support Agents on product knowledge, efficient debug methods and polite caller control.
    • Created web based Windows 3.1 simulations to aid agents that were only familiar with Windows 95.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Specializing in Programming and Operating System University of Phoenix Online June 2003


Software Engineer Resume for Gary Slaughenhaupt

Northern Colorado - Greeley , Loveland, Fort Collins, Cheyenne